Etude House Sweet Cherry Tint Review



Oh Etude House, thank you for trying to bring Spring to my still too cold world!

At least the snow has stopped! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


I’m definitely blaming the cold weather on my purchase of these new brightly colored tints. ╮(─▽─)╭


As usual, everything is adorable! I almost didn’t want to throw away the boxes, but what in the world else would I do with them? Suggestions?

Anyway, the product comes in a tube like a lipstick would although instead of twisting for more, you press this odd button on the end.



I suggest you be veeeery careful when pumping this product for one super awesome reason – – –


From the packaging I expected more of a solid bar of tint instead of the extremely watery, gel like liquid that came out when I pressed the button. It keeps it’s shape, but can be really rather messy when your applying. It’s liquid and slips for about 15-20 until it settles on your lips, so be careful!


This tint is pretty in between on every scale. It’s not drying, but not moisturizing either. The finish isn’t quite matte, but doesn’t have that wet look of a gloss.

It’s very…fresh?


There is a slight cherry scent to both of the tints. I love it personally. (^_^)


Shade OR201



See what I mean? From the looks of it I thought it would feel and apply like a lip butter.



Because it’s very liquidy, it will settle in lines.



I only put one coat all over, so I don’t know if it will layer well. The color is a bit sheer, but I did blend it out with my finger. That seems to be the easiest way to make sure it doesn’t end up everywhere.


This tint is clearly orange in the tube by the way. It settled into an almost peachy color on my lips. Oh well! (-_- )ノ

I still think it’s pretty!

Shade PP501



You can see this one was a bit runny even before I used it.





I love this color! I’m always a sucker for bright colors, and this one is no exception!



This color does have a bit more of a watery finish and I will definitely be wearing it a lot in the Spring.



The glossiness fades after about 20 minutes and stains pretty nicely. It’s still really bright too.

You can buy these over at Jolse and there are five total shades available. All of them are really pretty and suitable for the warmer weather headed my way.

Finally! 😀


L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation Review

And I’m baaack~~~

With a review of a Western product. Surprised? I know ;).

Allow me to explain. I have a love hate relationship with Walgreens! Every time I go, I absolutely have to check out the cosmetics section. It’s an addiction. If there is something new or on sale, it will probably end up in my hands.

This product has been out for a couple of months and I’m actually on my second tube of this. Why? Because the first was stolen by one of my sisters a couple of weeks ago. *Sigh* The pains of being the oldest haha.

Well, let’s get into why I’ve been wearing an actual foundation almost as much as my much beloved Innisfree Ampoule Cushion this Winter.


Shade Options:

I’ve spent so long in the world of bb creams that I’ve forgotten that makeup can come in more than shades #13, #21, and #23. I find that amusing to say the least.

L’Oreal has a pretty good range of shades from light to dark in 12 options. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find a matching shade because I’ve had trouble with Western foundations in the past. My skin is pretty light, but has a yellow undertone and that’s been awfully hard to find at the drugstore level.

Luckily #104 Golden Beige turned out to be an absolute perfect match for my NC25 self!



I’m not mad about this packaging design. Tubes are always nice. Honestly, anything but a pumpless jar will satisfy me ;).

There is only one slight problem I have. Because of the finish on the tube, it’s a little difficult to choose a shade unless you check reviews first. Once you open it, the color is very close to the color on the outside, so that helps.


Honestly, I was very surprised with the texture of this foundation! It’s super light and almost watery in consistency without compromising in coverage. I really appreciated this since I’m not used to wearing anything heavy on my face.

It does set suuuuper quickly, so it’s best to either use your fingers or a damp sponge/beauty blender and work in sections.


This is a solid medium coverage foundation. I barely had to use any concealer! Well, except for under my eyes, but those dark circles are in a league of their own!

It did a great job at making my skin looks smooth without any primer.

The packaging did say it had a demi-matte finish and I didn’t look dried out, but I did find that I preferred using a bit of highlighter with this foundation. I don’t think I’m entirely into the whole matte face thing.


There is a slight chemical-like scent that I probably wouldn’t have noticed had I not intentionally smelled it. Definitely a change from floral scented bb cream. *cough* Lioele *cough*.


Oh my goodness, did this foundation exceed my expectations! I have pretty dry skin so that probably helped, but I didn’t have to use any powder or touch up at all during the day! The best part is that it doesn’t oxidize either. None of that scary orange tint I used to get from Western drugstore foundations in the past!


And now to the actual application!



I haven’t had too much trouble with redness lately, but you can see hints of it as well as a couple blemishes here and there. And I think I got more freckles this Winter. How that happened, I will never know!

2Remember when I said that #104 was a perfect match? Well, look at that! It took me a minute to decide which half of my face I had actually applied the foundation too when I went back to look at the pictures. I have never found a foundation that matched my skintone this well before!



Ok, and now I’ve got the foundation all over without concealer. I can’t get over how natural the color is! It also did a great job at covering any redness and blemishes.

5Needless to say, this is now one of my favorite base products! It will probably be my go to foundation when the weather gets warmer and I need a bit more oil control.

So what about you? Have you tried this foundation yet?




Innisfree Apple Juicy Cleansing Oil Review

Good afternoon lovely people!

I honestly can’t believe that it took me so long to finally try this product! I received a sample of the Innisfree Apple Juicy Cleansing Oil about four months ago and fell in love with it. BUT because I am crazy indecisive, I waited about a month to actually purchase.

And then one month for shipping….

Longest month of my life! ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

Just kidding ╮(─▽─)╭. Jolse is really good about shipping and I usually get my packages in about 2 weeks even with the standard shipping. However, the protests on the West coast docks delayed not only this package, but another one that I ordered around that time.

So now, I’ve been using this cleansing oil for about a month and I feel like I can give a thorough review.




The bottle is really pretty and reflects their natural brand theme. I really like the pump and how much product it puts out. I like to use 2 pumps, but if you want to use a half pump it’s really easy to control.

The best feature is probably the little plastic clip that goes under the pump. I don’t know if they intended for you to keep it, but I store it in my travel case and reapply it when I travel. It is awesome for preventing messes in your suitcase!


The cleansing oil smells so pretty and clean! It’s a pretty mild scent, but it’s really pleasant and. I LOVE removing my makeup at night with this.


Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, Triethylhexanoin, Polyglyceryl-10 Dioleate, Hydrogenated (C6-14 Olefin) Polymers, PEG-8 Glyceryl Isosterate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Pentaerythrityl Tetraisostearate, Pentaerythrityl Tetraethylhexanoate, Cyclopentasiloxane, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Cyclohexasiloxane, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract, Citrus Unshiu (Mandarin) Peel Extract, Orchid Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Camellia Japonica Leaf Extract, Opuntia Coccinellifera (Prickly Pear) Fruit Extract, Butylene Glycol, Fragrance

So, all of the good ingredients are towards the bottom of the list. It’s not quite ideal, but the formula is free of parabens, artificial colors, and ethanol.

Here are some of the highlight ingredients:

Apple: Clarifying with Vitamin C, rich in anti-oxidants to help preserve and improve skin elasticity (hello anti-aging!), moisturizing (again, anti-aging), whitening/complexion improvement

Orchid: Moisturizes, improves skin immunity, reduces fine lines, soothes sensitive skin

Mandarin: Whitening from Vitamin C, antiseptic properties (good for those with acne), purifies skin, helps maintain moisture balance in skin, helps diminish appearance of scars

Prickly Pear: Treats inflammation

I am definitely satisfied with just that!


  • Removes makeup
  • Brightens skin
  • Deeply cleanses without tightening of the skin
  • Improves skin texture

With those ingredients, how could it not?


Just a heads up, I used a really bright light so you could really see how this product works.



So I used all of my long wear products just to test the cleanser. Yes, I’m even wearing real foundation. Le gasp!

I’ve got a lip stain, waterproof eyeliner, and water proof mascara as well.

Here’s what it looks like in some less crazy light.



I use about 2 pumps to remove my makeup from my face and neck.



It’s really not that much, just enough to make sure all of the makeup and SPF is removed.



All you have to do is apply it to your dry face and gently rub away! The makeup is extremely easy to remove and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to remove the mascara.

When all of the makeup has been loosened, rinse with warm water. The oil turns a bit milky and comes off really well. Just pat your face with a clean towel, and there ya go!



This is how my skin looked after just the cleansing oil!

I could continue with the rest of my skincare here, but I’ve found that my skin gets better results when I follow the double cleansing routine. This way it removes any residue left over from the cleansing oil and preps my skin for the other products.



This is how it looks after I’ve applied the rest of my skincare. I’m still a little pink after all of the face touching, but I’ve noticed that my skin doesn’t get red any more. My skin used to turn pretty red and sensitive even after just washing my face.

Overall I’ve really experienced the brightening and my complexion has looked a lot more even. I don’t have the problems with acne that I used to and I think that has a lot to do with how well it removes the makeup and SPF which can clog pores and is hard to thoroughly remove. I know for sure that my skin feel softer and my pores have definitely improved while I used this.

Will I repurchase this? Heck yes! I can’t say that I will use this forever because…well, there’s always something new to try, right? But I will say that I will be using this cleansing oil for a very long time!

Have any of you tried this before?

Sweet Office Look Featuring Birchbox Goodies

Hello again lovelies!

I’m back again with something simple because I wanted to try out the cool Birchbox goodies that I received from Jacqueline, A Vibrant Day, on her past giveaway. By the way, if you haven’t already you should definitely check out her blog. She is super sweet and has a lot of great makeup and nail posts! ❤


I kept everything pretty toned down because 1. I work in a church and 2. I wanted to see how these face products did on their own.

This is what I have on my face that came from Birchbox:


Really, the only things that aren’t included here are my brow and blush products.


First, let’s talk about this BB cream!

This is actually my first time trying a non-Asian BB cream. Don’t choke too hard! I know, it’s crazy. ╮(─▽─)╭

Smell: There isn’t really a smell, so that’s nice for people who are bothered by that.

Consistency: Ok, have you ever tried a snail cream that feels like the snail has actually made it’s little way across your face and left everything behind? This is kind of what the BB cream feels like. It’s so thick, but not necessarily sticky. I’m not sure how to describe it…oily lotion?

In any case, if you have super dry skin you will probably love this. As someone who has moderately dry skin….Well, I was reaching for the setting powder as soon as I finished applying the BB cream. Luckily, it doesn’t feel too heavy on your skin after setting powder.

Coverage: Eh, this has light to medium coverage. I’m pretty sure the focus of this product is the glow factor. That, this BB cream provides in spades!


Ok, this contouring powder is a keeper! I’ve never been really big on contouring because I haven’t found a product that looks natural, but this is perfect! It’s really pigmented, but blends super well.

The cool thing about this compact is that underneath the powder is a fairly large mirror.


It comes with a little brush too that isn’t to bad, but I don’t think I’ll be using it.

There is loads of product too, so I have no idea when I will run out. I will definitely be repurchasing when I do though!


Together with the BB cream, I think this bronzer gives a pretty good glow for the Winter months. Remember, I did powder, so all that sheen is the BB cream. Without the powder your face looks just a tad bit on the wet side of radiant.


I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I had a favorite mascara before and wasn’t really looking for a new one. HOWEVER, this baby has just taken over the pedestal! Oh my goodness, I look like I have fake lashes with this stuff! o(≧o≦)o


Ah, hello there freckles. I forget you exist haha.

Anyway, look at those lashes! The were full and lengthened and this is only after one coat. When I opened my eyes, I could feel my lashes almost to my brow bone!


This lip gloss is the main reason I decided to go with a sweet, pretty look for today. It’s almost sheer, but makes your lips look super plump and kissable.


I think that in the future I’m going to try this over some matte lipsticks. I feel like it would give them some life ;).

Overall, I love these products. The only one I’m pretty iffy about is the BB cream. I think I’ll try it a few more times just to see if my opinion changes.


In other news, I’m so proud of my hair today! It looks on point, right?! This almost never happens! I’m so glad I decided to bite the bullet and cut the rest of the bleached hair off. My hair will grow out healthy now!



This is what happens when I’m allowed in Best Buy! I found this awesome camera with a flip screen and was playing with the auto focus because I’m a big child (~ ̄▽ ̄)~. One day, that camera will be mine!

.And look at those eyelashes! Awesome, right?!

Thanks again, Jacqueline for fighting to get these goodies to me! I really appreciate you and the chance to try these products I probably would never have picked up on my own.

Until next time,

You keep doing you!



An Update, Apology, Thank You, and Some Spirited Away

My beautiful readers,

Oh my goodness, I love all of you so much!

I’m so sorry for quite literally dropping off of the blogging scene! There has been a lot going on, but I will try to keep this relatively short. And to make this a tad bit more interesting, I’m using one of the cutest movies EVER to help illustrate ;).

For the past several months I’ve been dealing with an illness that really wasn’t a bit deal on it’s own as far as symptoms. The treatment however, left me feeling like a lot of this on good days:


And on the bad days…. Well, something a little like this:

Poor Haku

I know it seems dramatic, but there you are. I’ve managed to push myself through work and important life things well enough though. Unfortunately, I was not feeling or looking very blog worthy for a good while. It was very frustrating!

Not Amused

The good news is, my body has finally gotten used to the medications and I’m almost back to feeling 100% again! Most of all, I’ve been feeling the blogging bug! Let’s go little blog!



I owe a TON of this motivation to all of you who have continued to interact with me on other blogs and especially those who have liked, commented, and followed my blog in the last few months! I seriously cannot say how much I appreciate all of this! I don’t know if I would have been able to pick up this blog again if it wasn’t for all of your support. ❤ ❤ ❤


Throughout this time that I haven’t been able to blog, I’ve had loads of ideas, so expect some pretty cool things from me in the future. I’m going to ease into it again and I won’t post too frequently at first, but I plan on blogging more after I get going.

Once again, thank you so much! I’ll be back with my first beauty related post this week!



Winter Wonderland?! Talk to the Cuticles!

Ok, does anyone else feel like they are drying out this Fall? I know Winter doesn’t technically start until around December 21, but good lord why is it so cold already?! There has already been snow down here in the South! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Oh well, I’m just going to turn this into an opportunity to become an ice princess! o(≧o≦)o

Step one: Nails!

I’m sure I’m not the only one having issues with cuticles right now. It seems like an uphill battle to keep my hands hydrated. Admittedly, I don’t always keep up with my nails as well as I should, but I have a pretty good routine for getting them all lovely and manicured.

In order to prep your parched, neglected hands and bring them up to the the pampered beauties you deserve, here are a few easy steps.


1. Tools

It’s always important to have the proper tools to maintain delicate, blue-blood hands.

Basically, you will need:

  • Cuticle remover or softener
  • A cuticle pusher
  • Cuticle cutters
  • A nail file
  • A buffing block
  • Cuticle oil

Not to bad, right?

2. Prepping your hands

I’ve found that it is muuuch easier to remove/push cuticles that are moisturized. Get yourself a moisturizing hand cream and go to town!

If you don’t have a good hand cream, you can always steal some snail cream if you have it lying around. Yes, it is amazing for your face, but think of the anti-aging benefits for your hands! The hands are the first to age because we often forget about them or wash them too often to maintain the moisture levels necessary to stave off the evils of wrinkles.

Let your hands absorb the hand cream for about 10-15 minutes before you move on to step 3.


3. Cuticle Treatment

Apply cuticle remover/softener to the outside rim of the nail bed. You will only need to keep this on for about 1 minute before you move on.


After you’ve let it sit, gently push the cuticles back. This shouldn’t hurt! It’s easy to get a little over-excited and hurt yourself with these cuticle pushers. Especially the metal ones!


The cuticle pusher will lift the loose cuticle if it needs to be trimmed. If your cuticles don’t look like this then you won’t have to trim them. Congratulations, you have healthy nails! 😉

4. Trimming the Cuticles

Again, this is an optional step. If you push your cuticles back regularly, you probably will never have to trim them unless you happen to get a hang nail.

You should be extremely careful when you use the cuticle cutters! It is easier than you think to take off healthy skin. That’s why the first step of moisturizing is so necessary. It will prevent the healthy skin from being lifted along with the dry, dead cuticle.

When you’re done, it will look like this:


Much better!  (≧◡≦)

Alrighty, on to the next step!


5. Shaping the Nails

I’m learning how to play guitar so I have to keep my princess nails short. How sad!

Does anyone else recall the Angela Johnson sketch about the nail salons? Does this mean I will be single forever? (◑‿◐)

Probably not! Who can resist guitar players?!

Anywho, be sure to file from the outside to the inside of each nail. This will prevent any breakage as it grows.

As far as shape goes, I like to keep mine at a nice oval shape. I know square is pretty popular as well. Do you have a personal preference? Let me know down below.


6. Smooth the Nail Plate

I like to use these buffing blocks to make sure that my nail plate (the exposed nail) is nice and smooth after pushing back my cuticles and filing. On this one you use the blue to file, grey to smooth, and white to polish. If you are using one like this, it’s good to stop after the grey. Nail polish has a hard time sticking if you polish your nail plate.




7. Moisturize Your Newly Beautified Cuticles!

You have reached the last step! After using a cuticle oil, you have officially created the perfect base for a manicure worthy of an ice princess!

Congratulate yourself, you’ve worked hard! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

If your looking for some good tools, here’s a guide from an awesome online store called Julep.


And this is the fun part! 

Basically you can do whatever you want, there are a lot of options for nails this Winter. Of course, the most trendy colors are light, cool colors and deep jewel tones. These are some really pretty colors from Julep.

Julep colors

They’ve got some other really pretty colors available here.

I happened to be in the mood for something light today.

12In retrospect, it reminds me more of a Christmas mermaid, but who’s judging.




This is my favorite nail by far! I love using little gems on my nails. It adds to the princess effect ^_^.

You can create this look with the following nail polished available at Julep:

I know I’ll definitely be trying to give as much attention to my hands and nail as I do to my skin this Winter if my nails will always look this adorable!

Of course, the purikura helps ^_^.



This post was in partnership with Julep. I was not paid and these are my honest opinions.



Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion Review

Oh my goodness, where has this cushion been all my life?!

Ok ok, so it just came out, but still! Innisfree just put out their winter foundation cushion and I bought it as soon as it was available on Jolse!

I regret this decision not at all! I’m so excited about this cushion, so let’s just jump into the review.



One of the things I absolutely love about Innisfree as a brand is that they are extremely consistent in their promise of eco friendly products. The box the cushion came in is made from soy ink and other natural, recyclable materials and is very simplistic in it’s design to reflect the natural stance of the company.

Nothing wrong with clean packaging ;).




Shade Options:

As per the standard, the shades available are #13, #21, and #23 and it’s important to remember that Innisfree shades run a hair lighter than some of the other brands. Where as #23 is usually suitable for MAC NC25, you need to be at a NC20 or in between the two shades for this to match.


  • Triple function: whitening + wrinkle improvement + UV blocking
  • Express moist skin for a long time by forming a layer of moisture on the skin
  • Blooming oil which reflects the light evenly expresses ampoule intense sparkle from the skin
  • Excellent adherence to the skin that gives you natural coverage

Ingredient wise, it has niacinamide and adenosine so the whitening and wrinkle care is definitely there. The brightening and moisture come from several natural ingredients such as: green tea extract, orange peel extract, and orchid extract.

Well, if I wasn’t sold already that’s enough for me! I love products with natural ingredients!(。♥‿♥。)


This is somewhere in between a  light and medium coverage foundation cushion. The main focus is definitely on the moisturizing power, I think.

The good thing is that it is definitely buildable and you can re-apply it throughout the day without it looking all crazy on you.

Lasting Power:

I don’t really use face powders because I like the finish on the foundation, but it still lasts a good 3-4 hours before I need to touch it up. It wasn’t really designed to be a long wear, so that doesn’t bother me. In fact, I like re-applying my base foundation/bb cream because that means my sun protection is always active.






For all the light coverage, I can say one very positive thing.

This foundation definitely cancels out redness ^_^.

More than concealing blemises or anything like that, my main skin/makeup concern is the redness. Granted, it’s not that terrible, but it annoys me. My face is so pink!




Ah~~~ There we go!

I don’t know if you can tell, but if you have dark circles like me, you will need to use a separate concealer.



And this is about 15 minutes later with the rest of my makeup and the foundation has settled. It doesn’t really oxidize, so that’s a definite bonus.

I really, honestly expected it to have a bit more of a dewy finish, but it ended up as an in between. So if you like a little dewy, this will be good for you ;).



The ampoule intense cushion is very comfortable!

You can’t even feel it on your face after it settles other than the fact that your face feels moist.



So basically, I kind of love it :D.

The only thing I would have liked more was for the formula to be a bit more dewy. I was looking forward to that bit with how much my skin dries out in Winter.



What do you think? Will you be adding this to your Winter regimen?

The Mini Haul Before I Break the Bank

Hallo Lovelies!

It’s Christmas here in my neck of the woods, at least as far as I’m concerned. I always feel that child-like rush of excitement every time I get a package in the mail! 😀

This lot came in before my huge package of skincare that is on the way. My skincare routine needs some serious updating for winter since my skin makes a complete 180 and decides to be dry all season long.



It’s a bit random, but this haul was one of those “Meh, I want to buy something….Oh look, a thing!” kind of shopping excursions.

I’m not going to talk about the snail cream too much because it’s going to be mentioned in a later post, but it’s the MYPU Halyu Water Volume Snail White Cream.



The Holika Holika Jewel Light Under Eye Maker in Pink was a seriously random purchase. I’ve never needed to create aegyo sal, so I’ve never really tried this out.

Case in point, these pictures:



Yes, that is a shoe from the Muses parade! If you know what that is, we need to be friends! ❤




Yeah, just look at those babies!

The funny thing is that I don’t even have any eye make up on, so that is their natural state!

Having said all that, I’m just a little curious how this product will look on my face.



As for the Lioele Glittering Jewel Eyeliner? I’m always up for trying new eyeliners. Hopefully this one will turn out to be pretty. I need a super black eyeliner that won’t fade an hour after application.


Isn’t the little wrapping sticker adorable on the Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Tint?

Also, the name of this product makes me giggle a little bit. ^_^

Basically, I was just looking for a good lip tint for fall and the Holic Plum shade sounded perfect.

And last, but definitely not least, is the Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion in 23!!!

20141031_100023Oh my goodness, I am the most excited about this and you can expect a review on this in the next couple of days for sure!

Innisfree has three cushion bb creams now and each one is designed for a particular season. The ampoule cushion is made to keep your face nice and moist during the harsh winter and has less SPF than the other cushions.

Have you had the chance to get your hands on this one yet? Let me know what you think if you have!

If you would like a review of any of the rest, just let me know down below! ^_^


Sample Wednesday: Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream

Hello lovely people~~~

How was your day? I hope it was filled with rainbows and unicorns! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

For real though, I have no idea how to sleep anymore. Now that I have two full jobs, at a church no less, life has been pretty interesting! I am trying to jump back onto the bandwagon of blogging because this is my favorite outlet. ❤

SO! Let’s get started!




This baby has been sitting in my sample drawer for a good while.

Why? May I speak frankly?

The Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream only comes in one shade. This really irks my soul!


Why, Lioele? Why? I understand that Korean society is still largely homogeneous, but really? Is everyone the same shade?! Oy.

Anyway, I got bored with my bb cream this morning, so I decided to try this out!


  • Skin soothing from organic acid from yogurt
  • SPF30 PA++
  • Flawless coverage
  • Anti-wrinkle care
  • Whitening
  • Natural shine without oiliness

Key Ingredients:


Let me just say, I am very pleased with the active ingredients! Some cosmetic that claim to have whitening properties contain only titanium dioxide that just gives a temporary white cast to your skin.

There is one ingredient that can aggravate/cause acne!

This is literally the only ingredient I can complain about, but it is talc powder. Personally, this doesn’t bother my skin, but it could definitely for other people.

Otherwise, here’s the good stuff!

  • Arbutin – a leading ingredient for whitening
  • Adenosine – a very effective ingredient for wrinkle treatment and prevent


Ok, either allergies have kidnapped my powers scent, or this seems to be less…princess-like as far as strong scent goes. The other Lioele products I’ve tried have had very strong floral scents, but this one is mild and fades extremely quickly.




Oh, my skin….

But it’s getting better! I’ve recently discovered some awesome products that are working wonders on my skin!

Mostly, I’m just dealing with redness and a few blemishes.



First observation – AMAZING coverage! Oh my goodness, this is fantastic! For bb cream, the triple solution bb cream is definitely high coverage. I didn’t even have to use concealer under my eyes!

20141029_104419This is with the rest of my makeup and in the sunlight. The bb cream didn’t cake or oxidize.

I would like to mention that I am lucky that this shade actually works on my NC25 skin. This would be good for NC20-25 and has a subtle yellow undertone. I really like the finish too! It’s very fresh and keeps the promise of not looking oily.



Will I buy the full size?

Heck yes! o(≧o≦)o

But I think I will wait for spring because it doesn’t have enough moisture care that I desperately need during the winter.

Side note, I feel like my hair cut makes me look so much younger!





Then again, it might just be the fact that this bb cream makes my skin look awesome! 😉



What do you think? Would you try this bb cream?


Special Gift from Estée Lauder!

This is for all of you lovelies that go gaga for Estee Lauder!

Or for those of you who would like to check out some of their products. 😉


When you buy more $35 or more Estee Lauder products, you get this awesome bag of gifts! This offer is only available on Belk and through October 26th, so you might want to head over to their website or store soon!

This is not an advertisement! I just wanted to let all of you know what I found while I was shopping! ^_^

And speaking of shopping, all I orininally went online to buy was lipstick! My friend was loking for a specific color and it just so happened that I found it at Belk.


I bought two tubes of the Estee Lauder All-Day Lipstick in Frosted Apricot. It’s a gorgeous color, but not quite as moisturizing as I would like. I did have to apply a smidge of chapstick underneath to keep my lips from drying.



It does have great staying power though! I don’t know if I’m going to pay $20 for this again. Call me cheap, but that just seems like too much to me.

Ok, so let’s move onto the gifts. The bag in the first picture does come with the gift and it’s pretty nice.

Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Foam Cleanser/Purifying Mask 20141017_121147

This is the first time hearing about a product that can be used as a cleanser and a mask. Right away that make me a little worried that it might be too strong even though it is labeled to be suitable for normal/combination skin.

It does foam up really nicely and cleans your face really well with minimal makeup. However my skin is dry/combination, so using this as a mask would definitely be a little strong. No chemical burns, just a bit of dry discomfort.

This would definitely be good for those with combination/oily skin.

Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II Serum

No isn’t that a mouthful?

20141017_121317Now, I don’t have wrinkles and one night isn’t enough to tell a difference in the way my skin looks, but can say that this feels amazing! It is an almost runny liquid and spreads very easily on your face. You can immediately feel the moisture and it feels very refreshing.

Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara in Black



Now, as far as mascara is concerned, I have a favorite and I haven’t tried another mascara in at least 2 years. But I tried it anyway. And I’m doing my eyebrows tonight. Enjoy their raw state. This is how much I love you. 😉20141017_163618






The length is really nice! However, I don’t see any change in the volume. It’s good, but not on my purchase list.

20141017_163733Also, I found this wand to be obnoxiously large and awkward to use. It is as big as my eye itself!

Thank you for showing me how small my eyes are, Estee Lauder. 😛

Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Pinkberry



When I saw this color in the tube, I honestly felt a little jipped. I don’t wear a lot of neutral lip colors. Bright colors are much more entertaining! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

BUUUT~~~ When I actually applied it, it’s really quite pretty!



I really think this shade is going to be perfect for Fall!

Modern Muse Eau de Parfum Spray



There are two little sample spray bottles in here which is really nice if you like the scent!

It is rather strong, but it normalized after a few minutes. The scent is really light and pretty with slight floral notes? I couldn’t really distinguish anything in particular.

Anti-Wrinkle Advanced Time Zone Age Reversing Line/Wrinkle Creme SPF 15

Another mouthful!



Ok, of all the other gifts, this is the one that I would purchase. Oh my goodness, this makes my skin feel amazing! I don’t have any other way to describe it other than how your body feels after drinking water on a hot day is the way your skin feels after application. It’s like all of your skin relaxes.

The only downside is that it costs $42 for 1 oz! I think I’ll stick with the anti-aging products I just received from Korea after I finish this up. I don’t want my skin to get used to the more hard core ingredients too early ;).

I haven’t used any Estée Lauder outside of their Double Wear Foundation which was amazing! It was gifted to me and I just never repurchased. If I ever get into the habit of wearing full makeup on a daily basis, I will. After all of this, I might have to pay more attention to this brand. Their products really are wonderful!

Do any of you want to get your hands on this bag? What would you buy?