Korean Cosmetics and Skincare Haul

Weee! I just got a decent sized haul from Jolse Cosmetics, RoseRoseShop (an expanded ebay store), and one of my best friends ^_^.



The only thing I got from RoseRoseShop was the Mizon Acence Blemish Control Soothing Gel Cream. The packaging is pretty simple, but I like the clean look.












Most of the products came from Jolse. I really like this website! They have really good prices and the shipping isn’t very bad at all. It is just a flat rate of $2.50. They usually have some pretty good sales and while they don’t have everything I want, the prices are worth it.

20140331_132927 I’m mostly excited about this Mineral Melting BB Cushion from Innisfree. I’ve tried one other cushion and I want to try some more.



Yep, it’s starting to be that time of year where I live. It gets super humid starting in the Spring, so I’m being proactive with the Etude House Oil Control blotting sheets. This will be my first time using these, so I hope they work well on my skin.







I got the Color My Brows from Etude House in the shade #4 Natural Brown because my black eyebrows look a bit harsh on my face. I just wanted to lighten them a bit without using bleach. Boy, did that burn like heck! I used to bleach my brows when I was blonde. Just another advantage to going back to my natural hair color ^_^.


I’m trying to make the move to more natural deodorant. All of the statistics with aluminum in deodorant have freaked me out. This isn’t going to be the first one I’ve tried, but it has to be better than the very strange yellow stuff I bought from Etsy -___-.

My favorite part about Jolse is that they send the ~~~mother load of samples~~~.



I haven’t tried a lot of these products and if I like the samples, I will definitely check some of them out in the future. I’m a serious sucker for good skincare/makeup products.

My friends are definitely aware of my addictions! I made a trip to visit some of my friends and came back with these lovely babies!


I have issues with blackheads. They aren’t that bad, but I see them so they must be fixed!


I can’t wait to try these masks! No addictions to masks here. Nope! Not me!

I’ll definitely be doing some reviews on some of these. Much excite! I’m very excited to try these. Maybe I’ll find something I can be loyal to…or not ^_^.

These are the links to the websites. This was not a sponsored post.





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