3CE Jumbo Lip Crayons

So, I was looking for some new lip colors for Spring and kind of got click happy when I was ordering and bought five. Online shopping is dangerous! I couldn’t help it. 3CE’s Jumbo Lip Crayons just looked too pretty!



They didn’t name the colors and just labelled them with numbers instead. The packaging is super simple, but I don’t dislike it. Unlike a lot of other lip products I’ve seen, the colors at the top of the box actually match the lip color really well.


Yeaaah I wasn’t very careful with the lids. Oops! I don’t know why I am so derpy with these things. I never scrape regular lipsticks like this.


Tada~~~ Safety seal!

Ok, so this is the regular color of my lips. I didn’t conceal my lips with each lip color so that you can see what it looks like over natural lips.


So, my lips are a medium mauve-like color, so we’ll see how the lipsticks look. Also, sunlight is bright! Yeesh!

20140415_173653 20140415_173230

This is a really pretty color! It’s one of the more subtle ones which I wasn’t expecting because of the pale pink on the packaging. It’s definitely lighter, but it doesn’t have enough white to look strange against my skin.


This one is the brightest of the five that I bought. It’s a really fun color and obviously makes me feel more than a bit sassy!


The three brighter pinks are really similar, which was a bit disappointing, but this on is a little darker than #. I don’t like it as much though.


This one is really close to my natural lip color. I use it on days when I don’t need a strong lip or just a touch of color.


And here is my favorite! I don’t know why I like oranges for lips, but it’s by far one of my favorite colors to wear. However, this shade is a bit more pale than I was expecting. It is even more light than the pale pink. Even so, it’s still fun to wear. If I wear it outside, I would definitely kick up my eye makeup so there is a definite focal point.

Overall, the lipsticks are fairly moisturizing and are pretty pigmented. However, if you have chapped lips at all, it will definitely show up in the cracks. I’m not sure if I would repurchase it because there are a few other lipsticks and tints that I wanted to try. I’m not sold on these, but I sure have fun with them ^_^. It’s probably because I was an absolute spazz cake today!



I hope it’s warmer wherever you are! My pastel lip colors are more warm than the weather here!




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