Plus Size Fashion – Easter Edition

Ok Easter sneaked up on me this year….big time! I found myself searching through Walmart at 9pm last night, threading through last minute shoppers, to find a serviceable dress. It didn’t help that they were practically giving away heaps and heaps of Easter marshmallows for 5 cents a piece. Everybody and their mother just had~ to have some! I’m pretty sure people came out of the woodwork just for the marshmallows.

Luckily, I found a pretty dress that didn’t make me look like an old church lady. If you have ever tried to shop for a plus size body in the Walmart, then you know that the results can be quite…interesting. I am a Juniors XL usually and a 0 in Plus Sizes when I venture into the novelty extended size stores, so that doesn’t always work in my favor. There is always a shortage of XL clothing when I decide to buy and this time was no exception. However, my friend happened upon this dress and it grew on me.



The color is pretty neutral, but it gives me a super tan….because I wasn’t already born with one, right ^_^.

The quality is better than I would expect from a Now Boundaries dress, so I’ll be glad to get a little like out of it. As far as I’m concerned, shopping at Walmart is like shopping at a less stylish Forever XXI. The price is nice because they expect you to come back and buy more when your pieces don’t last. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve gotten some sturdy pieces from Forever XXI, but you have to hunt.

I really like this dress even though I joined the hundreds of women in lace today. Ah well, I still looked cute! The shoes are from Dolce Vita and were a gift.


The bag came from the store of another blogger, Shasie. She periodically adds clothing, jewelry, and bags that have never or rarely been used. I needed a good neutral bag and I couldn’t pass this one up. Plus there was a bow. That pretty much sold the bag for me. I will link her blog and shop at the end.

So yeah. This is pretty much the best expression of how I feel today:



Have a happy and blessed Easter!


Shasie’s Closet:

Shasie’s Blog:


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