Life after the Big Chop

Okay so the last couple have years have been very interesting for my poor hair. I have had more periods of insanity than my abused follicles can count and I’m pretty sure I’ve only just started slowing down….sort of….but not really ;).

It all started in with Pocahontas. You laugh, but when you’re seven and your poor, very White mother who keeps putting so much mousse in your air that kids call you spagetthi head…. Well, long hair that flows with all the colors of the wind looks like a pretty sick deal! And so began the relaxers. I remember skipping across the parking lot, watching my beautiful hip length hair bounce and fly behind me. Not even my scorched scalp could take away my joy.

And this is where I ended up some 12 years later.

My poor hair I miss


Pretty right?

Too bad the very next relaxer was too strong and I had to cut off four inches of damage. And then I started doing research about the evils of relaxers and thinning edges, so I made the most logical decision: THE BIG CHOP!

I called one of my best friends up to my dorm room at 10:30pm and he obligingly cut off all of my hair and laughed at me as I cried.



Never mind that I was 20 in this picture. I looked like I was 15. It was a HUGE adjustment and I had a lot of serious insecurities to get over. But it only took me three months to decide that I didn’t need to conform to societies long hair requirement for feminine beauty. At 21, I got my sassy back ;).

July hair

Look at that little faux-hawk. I barely had any idea how to take care of my hair. This was one of my better days. It only took me about 20 minutes of fooling around for this girl’s night out fun.

And then I got the brilliant idea that I needed a weave. On 3 inch long hair. That was fun.


But wasn’t it pretty?! I absolutely LOVED these curls. Too bad my scalp died right at the two week mark. I don’t think I will try that again. So what did I try next? A wig of course!

Halloween crazy


Ignore the crazy. It was Halloween and this was my greatest and only attempt at Harajuku. Thank you Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. I was pretty obsessed with the wig until I figured out that after a couple weeks of wearing it, your curls turn into absolute fuzz. The more you know.

So I let my hair rest and experimented a bit.




This was for my friend that said I looked like a little kid. I decided to indulge herButiful a little bit that day.








And then I had the brilliant idea that ended all brilliant ideas. I decided to go blonde. Good grief. It looked cool though!



Yeah. Look at that lovely shade of yellow. I decided I didn’t like the yellow and took it almost to platinum. At least I can say I don’t do anything in halves!

Blonde 2Needless to say, my hair was damaged and had to be cut to just under my ears once again. This was just in October of last year. By January I was back to a dark reddish that was close to my natural 2B level hair and I’ve been growing it out since. There have been a few awkward stages, but mainly I stick to wearing my hair up in a bun or in curls. I haven’t straightened my hair in over 3 months.

Scarf This is one of my favorite styles right now!

It’s been 3 months since I cut the rest of the damage off and now my hair is down to my collar bones! I’m pretty proud of the growth, but I can’t wait until my hair is down to my hips again. That goal keeps me from doing anything insane again even though outrageous ideas still pop in my head from time to time.

Like I said, it’s been a long 2 years. 2 years and 17 days since the loss of my hair to be exact. But I wouldn’t take it back for anything!

20140430_150434This is what my hair looks like now. Yes, it really does reach my collarbones. SHRINKAGE IS A THING! I never expected my curls to shrink up this much. Oh well, it’s fun at this length.

You get a cookie if you make it all the way to the end of this monster post! Let me know if you’ve done the BC and share the crazy! 😉



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