Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

Alright, I have officially jumped on the bandwagon….for now. Everywhere I look, I see a another review for the relatively new Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner. Not everyone loves it, but it’s become a holy grail product for a lot of people. So, I had to buy it. You know, peer pressure and all ;).

Besides, the packaging is adorable!



I wish I had just spent the extra bit of money to get the larger bottle because it has a nifty pump dispenser. That’s my only complaint at this point ^_^.

I will do a more full review after a couple of weeks. The area around my nose is starting to get enlarged pores and I’ve been fighting what feels like an uphill battle with blackheads. Hopefully this product will live up to all the hype.

You can see my full review here.

Have you used this toner yet? What do you think about it if you did?



8 thoughts on “Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

  1. I actually already used this one and it’s great. It would have been a HG product for me had it not broken me out. 😦 I have the bigger pump. Even when I finished the whole bottle, I still kept the container because of the nifty pump. 🙂


  2. Have it! It’s my holy grail toner. I started using it last summer and I still have to have it. It is currently in my “empties” bag and I’m waiting for my newly ordered one now! Love it!


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