Vassen Cloud Nine Blue Circle Lenses Review

A little over a month ago I was very lucky and won a giveaway from Go Hálainn and sponsored by LoveShoppingholics. The lenses I picked were the Vassen Cloud Nine Blue lenses.

If you don’t follow Go Hálainn, you should definitely check her out! She has some awesome reviews and posts ^_^.

20140601_155118 Yes, shameless car selfie ;). My lenses looked really cool in the sunlight when I was riding around town with the family, so I couldn’t resist. Moving right along. Let me just say, everything about this package was beyond adorable! When you open the envelope, this is the first thing you see. 20140529_172115 Cute, right? The case and lenses were wrapped super securely in bubble wrap. I love the attention they put into packing. There was a cute little thank you note as well. 20140529_172304   Everyone who purchases lenses from their website gets free animal case, which is awesome. I got little green hippos. I don’t even know why they are so cute, but they are!   20140529_172725 I will say that I absolutely hate opening these little glass vials, but at least you know that your lenses are hella secure. This is the first time that I actually opened one without cutting myself or having to get creative. Just be warned that you can cut yourself on the metal security seal. Be sure that you are opening the cap in the correct direction to make it easier for yourself. 20140529_172902 Alright, not on to the lenses themselves. Here are the specs:

  • Origin: Korea
  • Diameter: 14.5 mm
  • Water Content: 38%
  • Base Curve: 8.6 mm
  • Life Span: 1 Year (I don’t think it’s safe to keep them that long, personally)

The lenses are only 14.5, but the enlargement makes a pretty big difference on me. My eyes are relatively large anyway, so these definitely make me look more dolly. Here is what the lenses look like without any makeup. 20140531_212526 Aren’t these lenses pretty?




I love that the blue shows up so clearly on my dark brown eyes. They look so cool! As far as comfort goes, I would give these a 5/5. After about 5 minutes, I can’t even feel them anymore and my eyes only started to feel a little dry after 5-6 hours. That’s really good for me as contacts tend to dry my eyes out really easily. These are my first blue lenses and I think I’m in love ^_^.

You can buy the lenses here.

Would you wear lenses like these?


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