Huge Flower Cosmetics Haul!

One of my best friend’s mother found out about my love for everything beauty related and gifted me with a bunch of products from the new Flower line by Drew Barrymore. So sweet, right?

I’d seen the displays at Wal-Mart before, but I was hesitant to try them because I haven’t heard anything about the brand. Since Auntie was so nice to give me a chance to try some, I decided to do some investigating ;).

It turns out that the lack of advertising was intentional. Drew wanted to focus less on marketing and more on providing high quality cosmetics at drugstore prices. She actually was very involved in the development of the products and made sure there were no harmful chemicals and more natural ingredients used.

The result? Some very simple, but prettily packaged products. There’s everything from nail polish to eyeshadow pencils. Here is everything I got.



  • About Face Foundation in LF4
  • Skincognito Stick Foundation in SF1



Kiss Stick High Shine Lipcolors in:

  • LS10 Nude Narcissus
  • LS15 Tulips 2 Kiss You!
  • LS11 Morning Glory



Kiss Stick Velvet Lip Colors in:

  • LS1 Set Me Freesia
  • LS7 So Gladiola
  • LS8 Get to the Poinsettia
  • LS9 Flamingo Flower


Lip Service Lip Butters in:

  • LB3 Rose-y Future
  • LB4 Princess & the Peony


Shine On Lipgloss Wands in:

  • LG2 Baby’s Breath
  • LG3 Lovely Lotus
  • LG4 Irish I Could Fly
  • LG9 Zen Zinnia
  • LG10 In the Gardenia

So, mostly I have just lip products haha. And how cute are the flowery names? But if I like all of this, I might venture into the other products ^_^.

Since there are so many I will probably review each in pieces.

I’m looking forward to trying all of these! 😀

Have any of you tried these?


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