Flower Foundations Review

As promised, I am going to review the Flower About Face Liquid Foundation and Stick Foundation. I use these together, so I am going to review them together as well. Sound weird? You’ll see why.

So, let’s just jump right to it, yeah? (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧




The packaging of these foundations is really simple, but elegant.


I love that the liquid has a glass bottle and there is a pump dispenser. Pumps are my favorite because they are the best for hygiene and control.


The stick foundation is a little less hygienic, but has a fair amount of product in it. I do wish there was a bit more.

Consistency and Coverage:

The liquid seems like it is going to be a little more thick when you first pump it out, but is actually more on the runny side when I applied it to my face. It made it easy to blend, but also means that there is going to be less coverage than I anticipated. This is a light/medium coverage foundation, but building it up to medium doesn’t make it look caked on. That saves it for me ;).

Another great thing is that it doesn’t settle into any fine lines or creases! However, it will slide, so you will need to set this with powder.

The stick foundation is really buttery and soft and has a bit more coverage than the liquid foundation. It’s super~ easy to blend with your fingers or a sponge. Here’s the problem. It settles. Big time.


Because I have the first shade, it is too light to use all over my face so I used it under my eyes and as a highlighter.

It looked really nice, but the settling into the beginnings of fine lines under my eyes isn’t so wonderful.




This is my naked face. Good morning, dark circles!

One day I will learn to sleep properly. *Le sigh*



I applied the About Face Liquid Foundation to one side of my face and already you can see that my skin tone is corrected and brightened. Bye bye, redness and dark circles!



Here’s where I used the Stick Foundation. After I applied the liquid foundation to the rest of my face, I applied the stick along the top of my nose, under my eyes, and on anything I felt needed some extra coverage and highlighting.



To set the foundation, I used a mineral finishing powder. There is a makeup artist who buys the same mineral powder that BareMinerals uses and custom mixes a foundation and finishing powder for you according to your needs. She just gave me a bit of oil control considering it is 90-115°F here during the Summer.


And this is what it looks like after my makeup!

Staying Power:

Ok, granted the weather is abominable here, but this foundation only lasts about 4-6 hours before I have to powder my face again. Honestly, that’s not so bad and I’m sure it holds up better in more temperate weather.


About Face Liquid Foundation

4-5 flowers


I really like this product, but I wish there was some kind of oil control. I think that would make it last a little longer.

I love that there is a lighter color with yellow undertones! I am a NC25-30 and it’s hard to find a lighter foundation that matches my undertones.

Skincognito Stick Foundation



I really like how soft and blendable it is, but I really can’t handle the settling.

The finish on both foundations is really pretty I think and it looks really good on the skin. I think I will keep using the About Face foundation when I need to take pictures with flash considering all of my bb creams have a fairly high amount of spf in them.



So, what do you guys think of the foundation? Have you tried it?




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