Secret Key Snail+EGF Repairing Essence Review

Hello beauties!

Have you heard of using snail excretions in skincare?

The name of this product shouldn’t freak you out if you’ve been following skincare trends in Korea. Snail secretions have become extremely popular lately and the hype doesn’t look like it will be slowing down any time soon.

However, if you’re like me, putting snail sludge on your face hardly sounds appealing.

That’s part of the reason I took so long to try any of the snail products out there. But the more positive reviews I read, the more I became intrigued. So, I decided to check out the essence from Secret Key, mainly because of the ingredients.


Snail Slime Extract , Tremella Fuciformis Extract , Rice Extract, Caviar , Human Oligo peptide, Macadamia Seed Oil

That’s it! How awesome is that? I love more natural products! It makes me feel a lot better about what I’m putting onto my skin. And snail slime extract is the first ingredient, so you know there is a high concentration of secretion instead of a bunch of filler.


Alright, this is definitely not my favorite packaging out there. That just proves I’m not always hypnotized by cute packaging ;). Aren’t you proud?

20140321_020534 20140321_020602

But really, brown isn’t exactly one of my favorite colors and I find the design is a bit blah. Beyond the superficial, the bottle is plastic. It isn’t a huge deal, but I prefer glass packaging because it ensures that the product is more stable. The logo is cute though!



The pump is really nice too :). There are a lot of snail creams and such out there that have a jar container. I definitely appreciate the hygiene of pump a lot more.


Ok, I’m not going to lie, this product is a tad bit weird. But just a little bit, I promise!

Seeing that the main ingredient is snail excretion, it is thicker than a lot of essences on the market.


See? It doesn’t even slide when I held my hand up and sideways.

And as you would expect, it is a tad sticky.



The good thing is that all of the stickiness fades when you rub it in for a few seconds. This makes it easy to use in the morning before your moisturizer and doesn’t affect your makeup application.




Completely absorbed and only after a few seconds.

Claims and Effectiveness:

  • Eases skin trouble with snail secretion extract and rhEGF (encourages formation of new skin cells)
  • Healthy and tightened skin and snail secretion helps with skin renewal
  • Moisture and skin protection
  • Skin soothing effect and brightening with numerous natural ingredients

I have mainly been using this in hopes that it would help fade my acne scars and treat the fine lines under my eyes. I actually have seen an improvement in my scars! They are much less visible, but there hasn’t been much improvement with my fine lines. Technically, they don’t claim to do anything for fine lines, but I hoped the tightening feature would help.

When I use this essence and the Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner both in my routine, my pores around my nose are definitely getting better. It’s really good for the Summer too because it’s moisturizing without being heavy on my skin. It does really well with calming the redness in my face as well. I can’t say anything about the brightening though. I haven’t seen any significant progress with that.




I really do like this product, but I just don’t love it. The texture and packaging don’t bother me so much, but I just don’t feel like I get enough results to justify a 5/5.

Will I repurchase? Hmmm I think I might try some other brands after this to see if I can find something better.

If you’re interested, you can buy this at Jolse. The price is really good.

Have you jumped on the snail train? Or does it just creep you out too much?


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