Etude House Color My Brows Review

I have another review from Etude House for you lovely ladies and gentlemen!

I’ve needed to invest in eyebrow products while letting my eyebrows grow out. The last time I got them waxed, my results were pretty special, so I’ve been trying to let them fill into the shape I want. I’m almost there, but it has taken a looong~~~ time to get there.

That being said, ALWAYS be careful who you let shape your eyebrows. And make sure that your vision for the shape is the same as your waxer’s, or threader if that’s your cup of tea.

Anywho, I was afraid to but a pencil or gel that was too dark because even though my hair is black, my eyebrows are sparse so I’ve never seen my face with dark brows.

And that’s where the Etude House Color My Brows comes in. They have 5 shades available which is really nice if you color your hair and want your eyebrows to match your hair. I bought the shade #4 Natural Brown.

Now honestly, I thought that this was going to be darker from the pictures, but it works.


As usual, the packaging is pretty cute!

20140331_132654 20140331_133049

Ok, so it’s more pretty than cute. I guess it’s because this product is aimed more towards women in their 20s or so considering there aren’t many teenagers coloring their hair?

Well, anywho the actual tube itself is rather plain. I guess I can forgive that *le sigh.* Life is short! Is it too much to ask to be surrounded by functional and adorable things?

Sorry, my Taurus is showing ;).


I expected this to be more like a gel? But it’s more liked a whipped, mousse type texture. It’s really nice and isn’t really heavy on my face. It does make it a little harder to coat the individual hairs.

The best way to apply it, I’ve found, is to brush the hairs up and then to the side.




See my sparse, interestingly shaped brows? Yup, they are driving me nuts. They used to be worse! Thankfully God loves me, and my eyebrows are growing back rather rapidly :).


See what a difference it makes? I can reshape, fill in, and color my eyebrows all with the same product!


See what I mean about the coverage? It is very easy to get too much product on the hair while you try to coat the eyebrows. I just pat them lightly to get rid of the excess.

Alright, you’ve seen the results in sunlight. Here is what it looks like in different lighting.



Very~~ yellow light. I didn’t touch up this photo! The light in this room really is this yellow!






5 Rating

Ok, so I definitely love this product! I think I might buy the darker brown next time though.

I got mine from Jolse for $7.18. The price is kind of random, right?

But it’s definitely worth it!



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