EcoTools Skin Perfecting Brush Review

Oh look, a review that isn’t from Etude House! ^_^

I promise I own other products! This one, unfortunately, was definitely a let down so it will be a rather short review.

So sad! I have never been disappointed by EcoTools brushes, but this one was just terrible. I bought it because it very loosely resembled a Bubbi brush that I have been coveting.

Well, let’s just launch straight into it then!


This brush has the same earthy packaging as the other EcoTools products. It really fits with their use of natural and recyclable materials and cruelty free stance.

DSCF4006 DSCF4005


This brush was designed to work specifically with BB and CC creams which sounded great to me considering that is mostly what I use. It also claims to be “beautifully soft with bamboo and recycled materials.”

While I’m not going to contest the bamboo and recycled materials part, it’s the soft that is the problem. The bristles did feel soft when I touched them with my fingers, but they stabbed and scratched the more sensitive skin on my face!

I really only got through one side of my face before I just gave up.


The shape of the brush is nice! I will give it that. If it wasn’t so dang uncomfortable, it would get into the contours of your face really well.

The handle is a really nice medium length and ergonomic, so it feels nice in your hands. That sounds weird, I know! But I’m really weird about that, I guess ;).


*Le sigh.*

I had such high hopes!


Another disappointing category.

The blending ability of this brush is nearly non-existent. I even tried to apply the BB cream lightly, but I couldn’t get rid of the streaks left by the bristles.


1 rating


Point for recyclable materials?

I really do love EcoTools, I promise! I just wish that this brush was as good as their other ones.

Have you used this brush yet? If you have, do it work better for you?


14 thoughts on “EcoTools Skin Perfecting Brush Review

    • I’m definitely hoping it was just a defective brush. I haven’t tried that one yet! I’ve seen good reviews about those brushes, but I don’t know where to buy them that is reliable.


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