Liebster Award ^_^

Oh my goodness! I am now officially overwhelmed ∩(︶▽︶)∩!

Liebster Award

The wonderful Katie at Plus+Beauty has nominated this baby blog for the Liebster Award! I’m probably freaking the people in Starbucks out with my very visible happy feels right now (~ ̄▽ ̄)~.

If you don’t follow her already, you should definitely check her out. She is a really sweet person! Katie posts really frequently and I love her reviews!

Here are the rules for the award:

  • Post 11 random facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions that the person who nominated you will post
  • Choose 11 new blogs with under 200 followers for their Liebster Award, notify them that they have been nominated, and think of 11 questions for them to answer

My 11 facts:

1. I am still afraid of the dark!

2. I wasn’t even curious about makeup until I was almost 18.

3. I was in a hip hop dance crew when I was in college! o(≧o≦)o

4. Two of my best friends and I call ourselves “The Trouble Triplets” and we are Vietnamese, Filipino, and …well, then there’s me. We are a wonderful group!

5. I don’t have a favorite color, but if it’s bright, you can bet I will love it!

6. Swimming in lakes terrifies me because I’m afraid of being eaten by a shark. Don’t question it!

7. I am the oldest of 4 children.

8. The town I was born and raised in is waaaay~~~ too small to contain me haha.

9. If painting my nails didn’t take hours, I would give myself a new and incredibly cute manicure every week.

10. I am 5’3.5. The half is extremely important!

11. At any given time you can probably find me dancing or singing along to a random Bollywood or K-pop song.

Answers to the 11 questions:

1. Why did you start blogging?

Like I said, I live in a terribly small town and my blog is my way of expressing myself and giving myself an excuse to do what I love. Not that I really need an excuse.

I do what I want! (✿◠‿◠)

2. Where did the name of your blog come from?

I am very opposed to the idea of a singular type of beauty or trying to conform to other’s ideas of beauty. I want to believe in and express a form of beauty that is unique and changes from person to person. The way you live your life and share your own personal passions makes you beautiful as much as the way you were born.

3. What is your favorite of your own blog posts?

I think my Everyday is a Superhero Day post is my absolute favorite so far! It is a pretty accurate snapshot of who I am. Add a dash of spazziness and you have me ;).

4. How do you find new blogs to follow?

I always check out the blogs of people who stumble upon my blog and decide to like or comment. Sometimes I surf through the recommendations as well.

Other than that, I usually find blogs through Google when I look up reviews for different products.

5. Would you ever stop following a blog? And why?

Honestly, I might. But only if the blogger repeatedly posted things I found terribly offensive, ignorant, or racist. I really can’t tolerate racism.

6. What is your opinion on commenting on blog posts?

I love genuine comments on a post! It really gives a sense of community.

I don’t comment a lot on other blogs unless I feel like I really have something to say.

7. Name one author whose books you will always read.

Nora Roberts! Laugh all you want, but my grandmother loved them. She and my uncle got me into them a number of years ago and I love her books!

8. If you could recommend one book for another to read, what would it be and why?

Oh dear goodness, I read too much for this question!

The first thing I can think of is Looking for Alaska by John Green.

9. What is your most anticipated read of 2014?

Hmmmmmm one of my friends just published her first novel and I’m really looking forward to reading about it. You can read about it on her author page.

10. Who is your favorite designer?

I’m really liking Anna Sui right now!

11. How do you pick your outfits?

Really I just pick whatever makes me slightly uncomfortable and add a very generous dash of fun ;). I try to make a point of not holding myself back when it comes to fashion. There is no reason for me to let anything take away my confidence!

And here’s for the best part of my post!

My nominations~~~

Beauty 412

La Moda Just Got Real


Kristi Encounters

Taylor Made Fashion


Beauty by Burdess

Rose’s Dailies

I seriously love that the beauty/fashion community does is so constructive and passes around these awards! See, world? Girls can be friends :).

If you’ve made it through this incredibly long post, be sure to check everyone out! Some of them are very new, but everyone has awesome blogs and you can really tell that they love blogging!

Until next time! ❤


9 thoughts on “Liebster Award ^_^

  1. Lol I feel the same way about sharks and swimming in any water lol, I enjoyed reading your answers, nice post!=)


    • Lol I only swim with other people so I don’t look like a big baby ;). Oh! We’re twinkies haha. You look like you’re around my age too!
      Thanks! I’m glad you appreciate my weirdness 🙂


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