Confidently Orange – Memebox Look

Hello again dearies!

I finally got around to trying everything from the Orange #2 Colorbox from MEMEBOX. And good grief, am I glad I did!

I love every single one of these products and I will definitely be checking out these brands in the future. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

When I was looking at the products, I couldn’t actually decide how I wanted to test everything out, so I just created one look that used all of the cosmetic products at once.

Luckily for me, it didn’t turn out looking crazy ;).


I think it helps that there were a lot of different shades of orange.





This looks more subtle on camera, but the color of this eyeliner is so vibrant! It really made my eyes pop, I think.






Ok, I really can’t say how much I love this lipstick!

Dearberry is a relatively new brand on the Korean market, but I will definitely be trying more of their products.

The application above is after just one swipe per lip! It’s so creamy and moisturizing even though the color is pretty matte.




I know this L’ Ocean product is an eye shadow, but I wanted to showcase the eyeliner too, so I used this as a blush.

And doesn’t it look pretty?

I had to use a reaaaally light hand when applying it though because the eye shadow is super pigmented.


I really couldn’t be more pleased with this MEMEBOX! I got so many comments on my eyeliner and lipstick today while I did some errands.

This is definitely a good look for a day when you just need some color :).



12 thoughts on “Confidently Orange – Memebox Look

  1. As always I love it! I was so scared of the orange lipstick trend but now I get why people love it so much. It’s such a good change from the classic pinks and nudes and even more daring than a bold red lip I feel like!


    • Thank you!

      Right?! Every time I get a new package in the mail I always call it Christmas! There’s just something about getting a package that makes me feel like a little, overly excited kid haha.


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