Gyaru Inspired Nail Art

Happy Monday lovely ladies!

I blame utter boredom for the ridiculous amounts of ambition that resulted in this manicure. Because I work at a church, my weekends are on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Who is off on Mondays and Tuesdays?


And since I am not a mother, I am not allowed to socialize lol. We all know there is a secret stay at home mothers club. Or is that only a Southern thing?

Well, Southern US these nails are not. As far as manicures go, I’ve always been in love with the Japanese Gyaru fashion and their over the top nails.

I didn’t go all out with the hair and makeup to match, so I apologize for being an underachiever and beg your forgiveness! LOL πŸ˜‰

But now it’s easier to focus on the nail art, right?



Aren’t they adorable?

Let me tell you, some of these large art pieces make life a tad bit difficult, but it’s definitely worth it!



I really like the very 3D nail jewel I got from Miss A. You can but it here.

The best part is that it, and everything else on the website, is only $1!!!

The pointer finger on this hand is covered in likkle rhinestones that I got from ebay. I got LOADS of them from that website for very cheap. Thank you, China :).


Yes, that is a large hello kitty on my nail! It’s about half as think as my nail and by far my favorite part of the whole thing. You can get it hereΒ at Miss A.

Hello Kitty did have a face, but a little 7 year old came to visit and wanted it for herself. She only succeeded in taking the face. Not very nice if you ask me.

The pearl, rose, crystal cluster on my pointer finger also came from Miss A and you can buy it here.

All of the nail polish I used came from the Rimmel London 60 Second nail polish line. I knew all of this would take some time and I didn’t want to be sitting around all day watching paint dry ^_^.

Random side note, I have the setting Sun to thank for my tan in these pics. The sky was apparently trying to compete with the awesome that is my nails.

105_3485This time only, I’ll let the Sun win. I guess. ❀

So do any of you think you’ll be rocking this kind of manicure?



4 thoughts on “Gyaru Inspired Nail Art

  1. It’s not just in the south! I live in a small town in California, and I work at a private school, and I swear all the stay at home moms have a secret club, wear they get Starbucks in the morning, then work out and then go grocery shopping before they have to take their kids to their abundant after school activities. Anyways, great manicure! I wish I had the patience to accomplish that!


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