East vs. West: Battle of the Eyebrows

Happy Friday, Lovelies!

Oh Friday, how I love you!

I think today is a good day to introduce a new series that I’ve been playing with in my head for longer than I’ve actually had a blog. Being Multi-Racial, or Mixed, I definitely have a mix of facial features that made it kind of difficult when I first started learning how to use makeup.

Most of what I learned in the beginning came from Asian YouTubers because they were the closest to people that looked like me.

We’re talking about back in 2008 before when there weren’t so many beauty vloggers.

Now that I’ve pretty much figured out my own face and have been in the makeup scene for about 5 years, I figured I might as well use my face for some comparisons ;). I will mostly be talking about American and Korean beauty trends because those are the ones I know best.

Today, the subject is eyebrows! (^▽^)

Now, I know that there a lot of different eyebrow styles, but I’m going to focus on basic straight eyebrows and arched eyebrows.


Although the preference for thickness has changed over the years, arched eyebrows have always been seen as beautiful and elegant in the US. It makes you look more sophisticated in your makeup.

Unless you’re me and still look like a teenager most days at the age of 23 ;).

In the last couple of years a thicker, more youthful arched brow became more popular. But for the most part, most women in the US still prefer a thinner, sleek shape as part of what our culture sees as sexy.

By the way, making my now straight eyebrows look like this was waaay~~~ harder than I thought it would be!


This is the first time in my life that I’ve tried straight eyebrows.

I’ve seen this trend not only in Korea, but also in Taiwan and China. Thick, dark, and straight eyebrows are seen as youthful. They certainly soften your entire face. Or at least, mine.

However, there is a catch. They can look like caterpillars if not shaped a certain way. I’m not kidding! This mostly happens to men though. Google Choi Young Do if you want to see what I mean.

I’m not really sure which style I like more. I’ve seen some really pretty styles from both sides. For myself, I think I like the straighter eyebrows. I may look racially ambiguous, by my features are Eastern enough to keep me from looking too weird. Lord knows I only got my freckles from my Irish side ;).

What do you think? Which eyebrow shape do you prefer?

Let me know if you like this kind of post! I like to explore the different beauty standards especially since I keep finding myself lost somewhere in the middle :).


6 thoughts on “East vs. West: Battle of the Eyebrows

  1. Both these eyebrow shapes suit your face shape equally. I’d say the straight eyebrows make you look younger as it’s opened up that space above your eyes, if that makes sense haha!

    Jay x


    • Thanks! Haha I get what you mean! I think I like the young look for now. Maybe I’ll just pull out the more arched brows for special occasions when I actually want to look my age ;).


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