Trend Tutorial: Gradient Lips

Hello everyone! ╮(─▽─)╭

Since some of you might be unfamiliar with the trends I have and will cover in my East vs. West series, I decided it would probably be a good idea to follow up with a tutorial if any of you are interested in trying something out. Thank you, A Vibrant Day for asking for a tutorial <3.

Gradient lips are really fun and I think they immediately make your whole look more cute. Who doesn’t want to look cute sometimes?

Or all the time ;).

And the best part is, it’s super easy! There are a few ways to play around with this look so I will show two.

Style 1: 3 Colors


Step 1: Start with scrubbed and moisturized lips.

Be warned! Do not scrub too hard! I kind of went a bit crazy with my exfoliator…like a lot of crazy.



Step 2: Apply concealer or foundation to lips.

If you don’t neutralize the natural color of your lips, this will definitely turn out looking more than a bit funky.



Step 3: Apply a light pink color to the inside of the lips and blend outward with your finger. Leave the very outside bare.




Step 4: Apply a more bright color on the very inside of your lips. You won’t need a lot of this color.


Step 5: Blend again with you finger carefully to avoid spreading the darkest color too far.



And now you have lips that look like you’ve been eating popsicles all day ;).



If this looks too matte for you, you can add a clear gloss on top. This makes the look even more youthful with the illusion of fuller lips.

Style 2: 2 Colors

This one is even easier!

Step 1: This is the same. Just cover those babies with concealer or foundation!



Step 2: Apply the lip stain to the very inside of your lips.


Step 3: Blend outwards with your finger.



Tadaaa~~~~~ Insta cute!

Like I said before, this look isn’t for everyone, but it’s fun to try! You never know, you might fall in love with this style!

Let me know if this was actually helpful :).


8 thoughts on “Trend Tutorial: Gradient Lips

      • It went great! My husband is an artist, and I knew he’d notice. He said the darker gradient beginning on the inner lip going out works better (in his opinion) than the western trend to do a dark liner around the outer lip. I loved how it looked!! Thank you :0)


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