Flower Cosmetics Matte Velvet Kiss Sticks Review and Swatches

Good afternoon~~~

So, I was supposed to do this for ever and 6 years ago, but here we go ;). Thanks again to my Auntie for giving me a ton of these products.

Today, I’m finally going to start with the matte finish velvet kiss sticks.

105_3414 LS1 Set Me Freesia





As far as neutral colors go, this one is pretty dark. It doesn’t cancel out all of the pink of my natural lips by itself, but it does definitely soften the color.

LS7 So Gladiola





This is a really pretty peachy-pink color that looks almost coral in certain lights. I like this as an every day color and it gives a really fresh look. Coverage wise, it’s really pigmented as well.

LS8 Get to the Poinsettia





Oh my goodness, this lipstick is so pigmented! Holy cow, I love this so much. The color is absolutely gorgeous and is a pretty true red without any visible orange or blue undertones.

LS9 Flamingo Flower






Just like the red, this pink is just as stunning and pigmented! The color payoff is really great and intense. This color is definitely going to be a regular for me.

You know how I love my bright lip colors ;).

The Breakdown

Things I like:

The color selection is really pretty! I like the packaging design as well like I mentioned before. It’s simple and sleek.

Things I don’t particularly like:

Here’s the problem. I don’t know why, but I find these lipstick to be uncomfortably drying. It doesn’t completely dry out your lips though. I just felt like I needed more moisture. Using a balm before applying definitely helps.

Also, the wrapper on the lipstick comes off really easily. It’s a really nitpicky thing, but it just makes me want to take the sticker off.


These lipsticks are really nice, but they isn’t my favorite drug store brand for lipsticks so far. It’s probably the matte finish to be honest. I did really like the brighter shades though.


6 thoughts on “Flower Cosmetics Matte Velvet Kiss Sticks Review and Swatches

    • Thanks! ^_^

      They are still really new and I’m pretty sure that they are only being sold at Wal-Mart. I don’t think I would have tried them if they hadn’t been gifted to me, to be honest.


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