15 Things I Won’t Wear Tag

Good afternoon Lovelies!

I was tagged maaany~~~ moons ago by Kristi at Kristi Encounters to do the 15 Things I Won’t Wear Tag!

If you wear some of these, I do not mean this as a jab. If you dislike some as well…Welcome to the club :).

All of the pictures come from Polyvore. Thank God for Polyvore!



1. Camouflage. Seriously, I cannot. I’m sure it can look really stylish under certain circumstances, but I just can’t get over my dislike of this pattern.

It probably has to do with my general disdain for hunting and growing up in the deep South.

unnamed (1)


2. Purses with the monogrammed letters ALL OVER THE PLACE! I can deal with a logo on my bag. But please don’t turn it into a pattern. I love the design on most of these at least?

unnamed (2)


3. Now, peplum…I love the design element of this style. Well, except for on that skirt. That’s just crazy.

My problem is that I reaaaaally don’t feel comfortable in these with my body type. Not at all.

unnamed (5)


4. Again, it’s a comfort thing right along with the next one:unnamed (6)


5. I like the skirt. Does that make it better?

unnamed (3)

6. Tribal. Oh, “tribal” patterns. Without getting horribly ranty, I seriously dislike this fashion trend. Growing up with my cousins on a Cherokee reservation and going to gatherings….this just doesn’t sit well with me. Like at all.

unnamed (4)


7. Anything made out of duct tape. I have just one word for how I feel about this. HOT! And we’re actually talking about temperature here lol. 😉



8. I’m all for the new socks and heels trend, but this…NOPE! ^_^

unnamed (7)


9. I like color blocking, but these two colors make my eyes hurt. It’s almost like staring at the sun!

unnamed (8)


10. They say these are supposed to make your legs look longer. I just feel like a spy with weapons attached to my feet ;).

unnamed (9)


11. If only I were tall enough to wear midi skirts!

unnamed (10)


12. Now, this I’m actually flexible about. If I try this one day and I look fabulous, I might just wear it to Wal-Mart to scare a few people while I get groceries :D.

unnamed (12)


13. The jury is still out on Kimono jacket/tops. I’m not sure how I feel about them. They do give a nice bohemian feel though?

unnamed (13)14. I DO know how I feel about fringe! I think it can definitely be cute, but sometimes its just a bit too funky for me. And sometimes it makes causes the same feelings as the tribal patterns.

unnamed (11)


15. I know this is crazy, but I have never been comfortable in blue jeans! They feel funny!

Wow, this post turned out to be really colorful! That I definitely like ;).

I’m tagging:

A Vibrant Day

Flutter Hearts

I am Zann


Ello Kelsey

Have an awesome day! ❤

*blows kisses*

Excuse the spazz. I’ve been bouncing around my office all day.

Happy days for everyone! ^_^



12 thoughts on “15 Things I Won’t Wear Tag

  1. Great post! Oh gosh, the fringe, I totally agree though. It can look nice sometimes, but others, it’s like “why??” And I cringed a little at the black and white stripped pants, I just could never wear that. I also have the midi skirt problem. I feel like it makes me look even shorter.


    • Thanks! 🙂
      Right?! I like fringe on some crop tops, but that’s about it. I actually like the styling of stripped pants. The problem is they only look good on people with really small legs from what I’ve seen. It’s ok, one day we will magically grow taller! 😀


  2. I’m feeling the same about the monogramme lettres bags 😉

    The pink heels are gorgeous ! Sometimes it is great to feel like a spy with weapons attached to your feets 😀 !
    Thank you to have passed by my blog, i’m happy to discover yours !


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