Flower Cosmetics High Shine Kiss Stick Swatches

Happy Wednesday!

I’m finally doing another part of my Flower Cosmetics swatches! Today, I’m moving on to the high shine kiss sticks.

Picadilo Collage


The color selection for these lipsticks is pretty good, but I think a few of them look pretty similar. I own 3, but there are 9 and only two seem to be bold colors.

Before I get to the swatches, let me just remind you of my natural lip color.



My lips are a dark-ish red/pink. Why does this matter? I’ve found that my lip color can be kind of hard to cover up with some lipsticks. A lip color needs to be pretty pigmented to cover my lips without a lip concealer.

That being said, let’s move on to the neutral shade.

LS10 Nude Narcissus



Well, I think I accidentally found my skin tone! It’s pretty random that this lipstick matches my skin better than most of the foundations I’ve tried.

Maybe I should just wear this on my face! Good idea, right? ^_^





I think it definitely looks prettier in the tube than on my lips. Seriously though, I’m still really surprised at how much it looks like my skin color!

Honestly, I don’t have too much use for nude lipsticks. I only do heavy eye makeup every once in a blue moon.

LS11 Morning Glory



Remember what I said about similar colors? Yeah, this looks a lot like the Nude Narcissus. I really wasn’t expecting this because the color at the bottom of the tube is so different.

I was expecting and almost lilac shade, but instead I got this!





Sooooo I’m not into the pale pink, I think. Not good for the warm skin tones!

LS15 Tulips 2 Kiss You



Now this one is completely different from the other two! This is so bright and pretty! It’s definitely a Barbie pink color.





One day, I will perfect this wink without looking like a crazy person ;). I have wonderfully mature life goals *giggle.*




Look at how pretty this color is!

I will say that this seems to be one of those colors where you actually need to wear real foundation. I’m only wearing a really sheer bb cream in these.

I seriously cannot be bothered with real foundation during the work week. ∩(︶▽︶)∩


I don’t think I like these as much as the matte kiss sticks. It’s probably because I love the bright colors of the other line, but the fact that these are actually moisturizing still cannot beat the others.

What can I say, I am still a kid who loves brilliant colors (─‿‿─).

What do you think of these? Would you wear any of these colors?

Random side note:



I’m pretty sure the Barbie pink color brings out the green in my lenses! BONUS! ❤


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