Etude House Sweet Cherry Tint Review



Oh Etude House, thank you for trying to bring Spring to my still too cold world!

At least the snow has stopped! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


I’m definitely blaming the cold weather on my purchase of these new brightly colored tints. ╮(─▽─)╭


As usual, everything is adorable! I almost didn’t want to throw away the boxes, but what in the world else would I do with them? Suggestions?

Anyway, the product comes in a tube like a lipstick would although instead of twisting for more, you press this odd button on the end.



I suggest you be veeeery careful when pumping this product for one super awesome reason – – –


From the packaging I expected more of a solid bar of tint instead of the extremely watery, gel like liquid that came out when I pressed the button. It keeps it’s shape, but can be really rather messy when your applying. It’s liquid and slips for about 15-20 until it settles on your lips, so be careful!


This tint is pretty in between on every scale. It’s not drying, but not moisturizing either. The finish isn’t quite matte, but doesn’t have that wet look of a gloss.

It’s very…fresh?


There is a slight cherry scent to both of the tints. I love it personally. (^_^)


Shade OR201



See what I mean? From the looks of it I thought it would feel and apply like a lip butter.



Because it’s very liquidy, it will settle in lines.



I only put one coat all over, so I don’t know if it will layer well. The color is a bit sheer, but I did blend it out with my finger. That seems to be the easiest way to make sure it doesn’t end up everywhere.


This tint is clearly orange in the tube by the way. It settled into an almost peachy color on my lips. Oh well! (-_- )ノ

I still think it’s pretty!

Shade PP501



You can see this one was a bit runny even before I used it.





I love this color! I’m always a sucker for bright colors, and this one is no exception!



This color does have a bit more of a watery finish and I will definitely be wearing it a lot in the Spring.



The glossiness fades after about 20 minutes and stains pretty nicely. It’s still really bright too.

You can buy these over at Jolse and there are five total shades available. All of them are really pretty and suitable for the warmer weather headed my way.

Finally! 😀


Sample Wednesday: Etude House Precious Mineral Cotton Fit BB Cream

So let’s pretend it’s Wednesday, ok? (ι´Д`)ノ

I’m actually kind of excited about this one! This is the first time I’ve really tried a bb cream that was actually suitable for oily/combination skin.

Le gasp!

I know, crazy right? Not even a dewy finish in sight.



Also, I don’t think I’ve ever tried a bb cream from Etude House. I don’t even know how that happened.

105_3794I received this sample in the shade W13 and I really wish that companies let you pick you free sample. You’ll see why.

But hey, it’s free so how much can I actually complain? 😉



This week has been kind of crazy for me and it’s definitely reflecting in my skin. You can see the redness and how dull my skin is right now. It is definitely time to switch over to my winter skincare routine.



And this is where you can see my slight disappointment with the shade. I am a NC 25, but the shade W13 is more suitable for an NC 20. It’s not terrible though.


Look at the coverage on this baby! You can barely see my freckles and the redness is 100% blocked out. And, as an added bonus, my skin looks brighter as well.

Although that might be because the shade is literally brighter?



The lighter shade doesn’t look so drastic now that it’s all over my face. And you can tell it did adjust just a tiny bit.



And look at the finish! It is matte, but not too dull looking. When I was applying the bb cream, it really felt like it was dissolving into a powder and that was really nice.

This would be absolutely perfect for Spring if you have problems with oil!

Oh, and as you can see from around my nose, if you have any dryness this bb cream WILL accentuate it. I wouldn’t recommend this for people with dry skin anyway.



I really love how nice this bb cream looks on my skin! I feel a bit like a doll. The staying power is really wonderful as well. Since it’s not quite Fall here, it was crazy muggy and my makeup didn’t fade at all!

Next Spring, I will definitely be buying this bb cream. In the shade W24 though. 。◕ ‿ ◕。



What do you think? Have any of you tried this bb cream yet?


Etude House Color My Brows Review

I have another review from Etude House for you lovely ladies and gentlemen!

I’ve needed to invest in eyebrow products while letting my eyebrows grow out. The last time I got them waxed, my results were pretty special, so I’ve been trying to let them fill into the shape I want. I’m almost there, but it has taken a looong~~~ time to get there.

That being said, ALWAYS be careful who you let shape your eyebrows. And make sure that your vision for the shape is the same as your waxer’s, or threader if that’s your cup of tea.

Anywho, I was afraid to but a pencil or gel that was too dark because even though my hair is black, my eyebrows are sparse so I’ve never seen my face with dark brows.

And that’s where the Etude House Color My Brows comes in. They have 5 shades available which is really nice if you color your hair and want your eyebrows to match your hair. I bought the shade #4 Natural Brown.

Now honestly, I thought that this was going to be darker from the pictures, but it works.


As usual, the packaging is pretty cute!

20140331_132654 20140331_133049

Ok, so it’s more pretty than cute. I guess it’s because this product is aimed more towards women in their 20s or so considering there aren’t many teenagers coloring their hair?

Well, anywho the actual tube itself is rather plain. I guess I can forgive that *le sigh.* Life is short! Is it too much to ask to be surrounded by functional and adorable things?

Sorry, my Taurus is showing ;).


I expected this to be more like a gel? But it’s more liked a whipped, mousse type texture. It’s really nice and isn’t really heavy on my face. It does make it a little harder to coat the individual hairs.

The best way to apply it, I’ve found, is to brush the hairs up and then to the side.




See my sparse, interestingly shaped brows? Yup, they are driving me nuts. They used to be worse! Thankfully God loves me, and my eyebrows are growing back rather rapidly :).


See what a difference it makes? I can reshape, fill in, and color my eyebrows all with the same product!


See what I mean about the coverage? It is very easy to get too much product on the hair while you try to coat the eyebrows. I just pat them lightly to get rid of the excess.

Alright, you’ve seen the results in sunlight. Here is what it looks like in different lighting.



Very~~ yellow light. I didn’t touch up this photo! The light in this room really is this yellow!






5 Rating

Ok, so I definitely love this product! I think I might buy the darker brown next time though.

I got mine from Jolse for $7.18. The price is kind of random, right?

But it’s definitely worth it!


Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner Full Review

Ok. Wow. Just, wow! I love this toner so much! And I definitely waited long enough to see results 。◕ ‿ ◕。




  • Deep cleanse pores
  • Maintain pH
  • Control a large amount of sebum
  • Minimizes appearance of pores
  • Refine skin tone
  • Keeps elasticity of pores
  • Moisturizes the inside and the outside of the skin

Let me tell you, they are not lying!

I had never had trouble with my pores until the last six or so months. For some bizarre reason, my skin decided I needed the taste of puberty that I never experienced in my teenagers. I maybe had 5 pimples while I was growing up. No joke. But now I have trouble with hormonal acne and the pores around my nose and on my cheeks are starting to enlarge.

This toner has definitely started to turn my skin around. I use it after I cleanse my skin in the morning and it makes a huge difference in my makeup application. My bb cream and concealer goes on more smoothly and last longer. The best part for me is that I only have to use my blotting sheets once a day. If that. Humidity is terrible~~~ where I live, so this product has definitely made it to my favorite list.


Like I said before, I wish that I had bought the larger size. The pump would have given the product control that this pretty standard dispenser did not.

That being said, the design of the bottle and label is adorable! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧



I mean, look at these awesome illustrations on the box!

20140515_174637 20140515_174707



Everything is so cute and fresh. If I didn’t already want this toner, I probably would have been an absolute sucker for the packaging and bought it anyway ;).


Luckily for me, this doesn’t have a very strong scent at all seeing as medicinal or strong scents scare me off. The chemical burns I’ve gotten from other products was no joke.

It actually smells like ginger?

I don’t know. I kind of like it ^_^.


I’ve been using this for about a month now and I have seen a wonderful decrease in my pore size. It even helps with the redness and blemishes.

It doesn’t remove makeup residue after cleansing. So if that’s a big deal for you, using it in the morning would be better. But this also means that it doesn’t strip your skin either. Score for those with sensitive or dry skin!


5 Rating

Surprise, surprise I will definitely be repurchasing this! It will be a long~ time before I will though. After a month, I’ve barely used an eighth of it! It’s not even down to the top of the label. I do appreciate that since this is at the higher end of price that I usually pay for skincare items at $18.

At least I know it’s long lasting!



Excitement level – ridiculous 😉


You can buy this at Jolse in both the larger and the smaller sizes.

Etude House AC Clinic Daily Toner Review

I’m finally getting around to reviewing this toner! I’ve been using this for about a month now and I feel I’ve got a pretty good handle on it.

Actually, it’s probably better that I waited this long considering that it takes 28 days for your skin to completely turn over and see how the product has worked.

So, let’s get on with the review, shall we?


The design is very medical. I wouldn’t say it’s cute, but I like it.



The bottle is glass and that comes with it’s own problems and benefits.

The dark green glass will keep the product from spoiling or breaking down chemically. I can appreciate that. And it’s also more sturdy. That and the size make it good to travel with.

The problem comes with how it’s dispensed.



I know this is pretty typical for most toners, but it’s hard to control how much product comes out. And I’m not sure how great it’s going to be trying to get the last little bits out of the bottle.

That is really my only complaint about this whole product.


I’m not going to lie. The smell matches the theme of the packaging; medical and a bit strong. I don’t have super sensitive skin, but I have experienced chemical burns from acne fighting products from the US. The smell scared me a little bit.

Luckily, I have had no trouble with this product! It doesn’t  dry out my skin and there hasn’t even been any kind of itching.


It does do a great job at bringing down the irritation in a pimple and any time I’ve had a breakout, it’s gone in a matter of a couple of days! As far as preventing pimples….well the number of breakouts has gone down, but I still have acne here and there. I can’t blame the product too much because I have hormonal acne.


4-5 flowers


Don’t get me wrong, I really like this toner. It’s just not a holy grail for me. It does reduce the acne, but I wish it worked a little faster and was a little better at preventing blemishes.

Where to buy:

I got mine from Jolse! They are quickly becoming my favorite seller for Korean cosmetics ^_^.

Have you used this toner? How did it work for you?

Look of the Day: Accidental Bellatrix Edition

The struggle is real for my curls today. The humidity is killer and between that and the fact that my curl pattern is still wrestling for life after the braids…. Well, you can see the results. Luckily the big, curly hair is in? Sort of? ╮(─▽─)╭



It took me a few hours to get used to not having 12 lbs of hair on my head, but I kind of miss actually having long hair. Ah well, another week and I’ll have them back!

As for my makeup, I chose a more natural look with a bright pink lip. I actually used a face powder today to make sure I had the flawless skin look to support the bright lip color. I usually prefer a more dewy/fresh finish, but I do pull out the powder every now and then depending on the look I’m going for.

See? I can do bright Spring/Summer colors. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧



Products Used:

  • Flower Skincognito Stick Foundation in SF1 (I use this as a concealer/highlighter)
  • Flower About Face Foundation in LF4
  • Milani Face Powder in Light Tan
  • Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly Watery Cheek in #3 Watery Pink
  • Etude House Color My Brows in #4 Natural Brown
  • Maybelline Rocket Mascara
  • Wet n’ Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain in A Stiff Pink
  • Lord and Berry 20100 Shining Lipstick in Orange (Just on the center of my lips to add a bit of dimension)

Quite a few products for a simple look, right? At least I didn’t really contour. The Milani Face Powder was a bit too dark for me and somehow managed to be a bit too yellow. That is a first for me. I will keep it and see if I get any darker this Summer.

I say that, but I will probably just end up giving it to my little sister who enjoys the sun a whole heck of a lot more than I do.

This will probably be one of my statement looks for Summer since I tend to be more elaborate with my makeup in the Fall/Winter.

What kind of looks are you going for this season?

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

Alright, I have officially jumped on the bandwagon….for now. Everywhere I look, I see a another review for the relatively new Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner. Not everyone loves it, but it’s become a holy grail product for a lot of people. So, I had to buy it. You know, peer pressure and all ;).

Besides, the packaging is adorable!



I wish I had just spent the extra bit of money to get the larger bottle because it has a nifty pump dispenser. That’s my only complaint at this point ^_^.

I will do a more full review after a couple of weeks. The area around my nose is starting to get enlarged pores and I’ve been fighting what feels like an uphill battle with blackheads. Hopefully this product will live up to all the hype.

You can see my full review here.

Have you used this toner yet? What do you think about it if you did?


Korean Cosmetics and Skincare Haul

Weee! I just got a decent sized haul from Jolse Cosmetics, RoseRoseShop (an expanded ebay store), and one of my best friends ^_^.



The only thing I got from RoseRoseShop was the Mizon Acence Blemish Control Soothing Gel Cream. The packaging is pretty simple, but I like the clean look.












Most of the products came from Jolse. I really like this website! They have really good prices and the shipping isn’t very bad at all. It is just a flat rate of $2.50. They usually have some pretty good sales and while they don’t have everything I want, the prices are worth it.

20140331_132927 I’m mostly excited about this Mineral Melting BB Cushion from Innisfree. I’ve tried one other cushion and I want to try some more.



Yep, it’s starting to be that time of year where I live. It gets super humid starting in the Spring, so I’m being proactive with the Etude House Oil Control blotting sheets. This will be my first time using these, so I hope they work well on my skin.







I got the Color My Brows from Etude House in the shade #4 Natural Brown because my black eyebrows look a bit harsh on my face. I just wanted to lighten them a bit without using bleach. Boy, did that burn like heck! I used to bleach my brows when I was blonde. Just another advantage to going back to my natural hair color ^_^.


I’m trying to make the move to more natural deodorant. All of the statistics with aluminum in deodorant have freaked me out. This isn’t going to be the first one I’ve tried, but it has to be better than the very strange yellow stuff I bought from Etsy -___-.

My favorite part about Jolse is that they send the ~~~mother load of samples~~~.



I haven’t tried a lot of these products and if I like the samples, I will definitely check some of them out in the future. I’m a serious sucker for good skincare/makeup products.

My friends are definitely aware of my addictions! I made a trip to visit some of my friends and came back with these lovely babies!


I have issues with blackheads. They aren’t that bad, but I see them so they must be fixed!


I can’t wait to try these masks! No addictions to masks here. Nope! Not me!

I’ll definitely be doing some reviews on some of these. Much excite! I’m very excited to try these. Maybe I’ll find something I can be loyal to…or not ^_^.

These are the links to the websites. This was not a sponsored post.