Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award ^_^

First of all, this award is super adorable!

Sisterhood of the World

I was nominated by Ello Kelsey, Blush and Bluebells, Brittany. Their blogs are seriously awesome and filled with all sorts of fashion and beauty goodness ;).

Because I was nominated by three different blogs, I’m going to choose 10 of the questions so this doesn’t end up a monster of a post. The colors of the questions will correspond to the above link colors so you know who the questions came from.

1. What is your favorite go to look when you’re on the go?

I really prefer a simple look when I’m busy. Blame it on the number of Korean dramas I watch, but I a touch of bb cream, mascara, eyebrows, and a very light blush.

Fresh faced and slightly dewy ^_^

Fresh face Dara

Now, I’m not saying I look like Dara, but a girl’s got to have skincare goals, right? 😉

2. What is your favorite foundation?

I don’t wear a lot of foundation, but I just discovered the Shocking ZZ Cream and I think I’m in love!

3. Describe your personal style.

Lord have mercy, I don’t even know. Cute?

Yes. Cute. I will pretty much wear anything cute. Especially hair accessories ^_^.


4. Where do you buy most of your makeup?

Online. Definitely online. Unless I move to South Korean one day in which case it will be at the individual brand stores ;).

I just prefer the skincare conscious formulations over there. Remember my skin health goal? ^^^

5. Which brand has the best nail polish in your opinion?

Sally Hansen! Oh my goodness, less coats, long lasting, good price…what else could I possibly need in a nail polish?

6. What is your favorite food?

Right now? Probably pho. I’m always down for some good pho :D.

Pho with dad!

That was date night with Daddy back in January. Poor bald guy gets cold easily ;).

7. Do you have a favorite Beauty Blogger, Youtuber, or Instagramer? If so, why?

Yes! Bubzbeauty was the first channel I ever started watching when I first wanted to learn about makeup. I learned so much in those first newbie years from her <3.

8. How long do you spend, on average, doing your makeup everyday?

Like 5 minutes! I work for a church, so I can’t exactly play too much.

9. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Honestly, there are so many places! If I could live for 5 years each in Ireland, Scotland, Taiwan, and South Korea I would be over the moon!

10. If you could travel to any time period, where would it be? And why?

As long as it’s only for a visit, I would really like to visit the ancient Celt tribes.

Before Hadrian and all that rot ;).

When I was a teenager, I was absolutely obsessed with Celtic history. I blame my grandmother who made sure I knew that her family hailed from the Cooper clan. And made sure that I pronounced it correctly. She also gets the credit for my discover of Boudica, my favorite woman in all of history.

Boudica statue

Boudica statue 2

Boudica was the most amazing woman ever!

Ok, so I’ve seen this on a ton of blogs, so I’m going to skip out on the nominations segment. Sorry!

I really do appreciate the nominations. Blogging and the blogging community has been and continues to be a great source of happiness for me <3.


6 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award ^_^

  1. Hi! I’m sorry I have touched base with you sooner! Have you heard from Birchbox or Marcelle yet about your giveaway goodies? If not, please let me know. Another Birchblogger just contacted me to ask if I had heard from them because her winner still hasn’t received hers. If you haven’t, I’ll email them again. Seems like them need some nudging…


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