I’m 23~~~~~

This is literally the weirdest feeling in the entire planet. Serious struggle time, I need another Taylor Swift song. How in the world am I supposed to be 23?!

I kid. I kid. But for real, I am another year closer to 25 and that’s just weird.

Just about as weird as the car I saw the other day.



Why, yes. That strange car does in fact have eye lashes.

I win for taking this when both cars were moving ^_^.

Anyways, my Dad and I have birthdays three days apart so we had a bit of a picnic after I got out of theology school.

20140504_121653 (1) 20140504_121709 (1)

It was so pretty outside! My flower crown was so worth the impulsive, crazy amount of money I spent. $16 for a flower crown is normally ridiculous, but it was my birth-week and I wanted it :D.

I pretty much wore it all week any time I left the house. I wore it on my birthday too. Right after I stayed up all night giving myself a pretty princess manicure and talking to my best friends. I was way~ too excited about my birthday. 23? Challenge accepted!

20140508_205959 20140508_210016

I don’t know why, but I am absolutely ecstatic about this year. I feel like God has some interesting things in store for me and I fully intend to live it up ^_^.

Besides, this is just about how I feel about last year.

Unless you can understand Korean, be sure to turn the subtitles on ;). Lim Ye Rim just got the numbers wrong. This song is for me ^_^.


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