Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner Full Review

Ok. Wow. Just, wow! I love this toner so much! And I definitely waited long enough to see results 。◕ ‿ ◕。




  • Deep cleanse pores
  • Maintain pH
  • Control a large amount of sebum
  • Minimizes appearance of pores
  • Refine skin tone
  • Keeps elasticity of pores
  • Moisturizes the inside and the outside of the skin

Let me tell you, they are not lying!

I had never had trouble with my pores until the last six or so months. For some bizarre reason, my skin decided I needed the taste of puberty that I never experienced in my teenagers. I maybe had 5 pimples while I was growing up. No joke. But now I have trouble with hormonal acne and the pores around my nose and on my cheeks are starting to enlarge.

This toner has definitely started to turn my skin around. I use it after I cleanse my skin in the morning and it makes a huge difference in my makeup application. My bb cream and concealer goes on more smoothly and last longer. The best part for me is that I only have to use my blotting sheets once a day. If that. Humidity is terrible~~~ where I live, so this product has definitely made it to my favorite list.


Like I said before, I wish that I had bought the larger size. The pump would have given the product control that this pretty standard dispenser did not.

That being said, the design of the bottle and label is adorable! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧



I mean, look at these awesome illustrations on the box!

20140515_174637 20140515_174707



Everything is so cute and fresh. If I didn’t already want this toner, I probably would have been an absolute sucker for the packaging and bought it anyway ;).


Luckily for me, this doesn’t have a very strong scent at all seeing as medicinal or strong scents scare me off. The chemical burns I’ve gotten from other products was no joke.

It actually smells like ginger?

I don’t know. I kind of like it ^_^.


I’ve been using this for about a month now and I have seen a wonderful decrease in my pore size. It even helps with the redness and blemishes.

It doesn’t remove makeup residue after cleansing. So if that’s a big deal for you, using it in the morning would be better. But this also means that it doesn’t strip your skin either. Score for those with sensitive or dry skin!


5 Rating

Surprise, surprise I will definitely be repurchasing this! It will be a long~ time before I will though. After a month, I’ve barely used an eighth of it! It’s not even down to the top of the label. I do appreciate that since this is at the higher end of price that I usually pay for skincare items at $18.

At least I know it’s long lasting!



Excitement level – ridiculous 😉


You can buy this at Jolse in both the larger and the smaller sizes.


9 thoughts on “Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner Full Review

  1. I love it, it’s my favorite toner as well. 🙂 I love how quick it absorbs and how effective it is.. ❤ Plus it lasts almost a year. Mine still has a looooong way to go :p


  2. I literally can not live without this stuff!!
    Mine definitely didn’t last a year! (I got the same size as you) but it did last me about five months! Which I think it still pretty amazing, especially since I used it twice day all over my face!
    Seriously though I think Etude House is pretty amazing over all! I can’t get over it! As soon as I get to Korea me and my mama in law are hitting them upppp!


    • If mine lasts five months, I will be more than satisfied!

      I don’t usually use Etude House skincare products, but lately with the two toners I decided to try them. I might try more of their stuff now!

      Oh my gosh, yes! There are so many shops you should go to! That will be an awesome trip.


      • Etude House’s skincare has been really effective on my skin! I really like their baking powder facial cleanser as well! It does such a great deep clean but doesn’t dry out my skin.
        I’m pretty excited, as of now, my boyfriends family is planning on going to Korea in October to see familyand the plan is for me to go and meet everyone in the family/be approved of by the whole family. :-0 But his Mom and I just keep talking about shopping!
        Have you been to Korea?


      • I’ve been eying that cleanser, but I haven’t tried it yet!

        Oh gosh! Are you nervous?

        No, not yet! But I have friends there and some who have studied there.


      • I’d say get that cleanser as soon as you need a new one! I think you’ll really like it!

        I’m actually really nervous! Haha, I’ve never been out of the country before so I have never had to fly that long or be that far away for any amount of time. The language barrier is also scarier. I get small doses of it with my boyfriends family because even though they live here they don’t speak English around each other at all. So, I’m constantly trying to keep up with my Korean so I can somewhat understand what’s going on. I can only imagine the first few days where I will have no English contact at all. I can only imagine my headaches!
        Luckily, I have friends there as well so I’m excited to be able to see them. A lot of them are studying at Yonsei and I’m sure they will be my reprieve from massive translating headaches!


      • That would be hard! Good thing you know people there :). I’ve never flown that far either. Hopefully you get those nice planes where the seats turn into beds!


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